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31 May 2007


So Reading Matters was over, and I was all ready to have a nice, quiet week. Go to work, go home, watch TV, eat mac&cheese, see my friends. Wear pjs a lot.

Then my editor sent me this email on Tuesday afternoon that said:

Scatterheart is going to press on Monday...



That's the day after the day after the day after tomorrow.


So now my nice quiet pjs and mac and cheese week has turned into a CRAZY PROOFREADING AND LAST MINUTE CHANGES week. With a constant tirade of emails saying things like "I'm wondering if we should delete the possum scene, to increase narrative flow".

(But they wanted more sex! the possums were HAVING SEX! Oh well.)

Okay. I'm going to go and eat a banana now.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Ah! Good luck with the last minute proofreading and the inserting of more sex...

Save the pjs for next week. And you know what? Treat yourself to a new pillow as well. New pillows make everything better.

And go girl, eat that banana.
That reminds me of this hilarious Youtube video.
If you need some cheering up, or feel like watching something completley random, go here:

(Sorry, i'm not sure how to link it up...)