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27 May 2007

Reading Matters

I've spent the last few days/weeks/months subsumed in Reading Matters 2007. Reading Matters is the YA literature conference that I organise with my colleague Mike Shuttleworth.

This week, we had a three-day conference of 350 delegates, 25 authors, 1300 kids and about 300 members of the general public. We talked about What Matters (more on that anon). I had the enormous privilege and pleasure of hanging out with Scott, Justine, David, Margo, Ursula and everyone else.

My head is so full of ideas and thoughts, but right now I am tired and emotional and perhaps a little drunk.

I love my job.


ozjazza said...

And we love the way you do your job. You and Mike are awesome. Thank you!


emmaco said...

That event sounded awesome. I'm glad it went well.

And free monkey is visiting you!!

Elizabeth said...

You organised that reading matters conference?? Oh, wow!! That is fantastic! I really wanted to go to that, but sadly-- School is a pain in the arse.

I somehow stumbled upon your bloggings by clicking on your name from Justine's blog. I got to Justine's blog by clicking on the 'jetlag' link from Scott's blog. I got there by realising that i have 5 favourite keys on my keyboard that i had yet to assign websites to. I realised this through pondering the workings of a keyboard and if they have feelings or not. And i started pondering all this because I am procrastinating from doing my Literature essay.
My name is Elizabeth..

Nice to meet you!!!

(Hope you don't much such a long and kind of pointless comment!)

lili said...

Elizabeth, long and kind of pointless comments are the best.

Thanks for visiting!