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05 May 2007

A Week in the Life of a Lili

I have no memory of Monday.

On Tuesday, I walked into a lecture theatre filled with about 120 year 8 girls. They all stood up and chorused 'Good mo-orning, Miss Wilkinso-on'. I nearly turned around and walked out again.

On Wednesday, I saw Keating! (musical about Aussie ex-Prime Minister featuring songs set in the key of Awesome), and will never be able to think of Alexander Downer in the same way ever again.

On Thursday, I did a double-take as I went through airport security in Sydney, when I saw a billboard advertising Schapelle Corby's book. Airport security. Yeah.

On Friday, I submitted some photos for John Green's Brotherhood 2.0 Happy Birthday Hank video. Which is also Made of Awesome.

Today is Saturday. It is the Munkey's birthday party tonight, and he is making us do something Weird and Creative involving Singing. I have busted out the crochet needles again and made him this, as a birthday present:

At the moment his name is Birthday Monkey, but I'm open to suggestions for a better name.

Happy Birthday Munkey!! xx


Emmaco said...

I didn't spot you in the birthday video (why oh why didn't I get around to emailing John?!) - was it a pic with you? This gives me an excuse to go watch it again...

Maybe you could host Free Monkey on his world tour and Birthday Munkey could be his friend :)

lili said...

i am at the very beginning of the first song - in the big domed reading room in the Library where i work.

i think FREE MONKEY and Birthday Munkey would be excellent friends.

Emmaco said...

Wow, what a cool room. I see I have been remiss in never visiting the state library when I am in Melbourne. I admit I thought this was a casino of some sort when I first saw the vlog - no idea why :)

mindlessmunkey said...

I love my Birthday Munkey SO much! Thankyou, wonderful Lili.

Penni said...

I also love Birthday Monkey. Feeling strange desire to learn to crochet...mainly because I don't want to write my novels.

Penni said...

(oh and I did spot you in birthday video and was very excited to recognise someone).

Anonymous said...

Hey lili, you came to my school last week!
The Academy Of Mary Immaculate
i really liked your boots....
well everyone did!
well i have to go

From Shae

lili said...

emmaco: next time you're in melbourne i'll give you a tour.

penni: you have foiled my dastardly plan of sublime procrastination by crochet!

shae: thanks! i had a great time at your school. you guys were awesome!