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28 April 2007

A Crafty Wench

I like craft. There's something very satisfying about making something.

Unfortunately, I'm not very good at it. I'm not very patient, and like every other aspect of my life, I'm not very neat.

So when I finally actually get my mum to help try really hard and finish something, I'm pretty darn proud. Like my patchwork quilt made from Japanese Kimono:

So the other night I was sitting around with my Ladies, and we were crocheting, and drinking wine, and watching Doctor Who. (and I wonder why I don't have a boyfriend...) I wasn't really crocheting anything in particular, just trying out some new stitches in rows. Then I started to do rounds, just for something different. And before I knew it, I'd made this:

Ladies and gentlemen, Mistake Bear.


Jessica said...

He might not be perfect but he's really quite lovely!

Canoe said...

He is wonderful Lili!

Colleen said...

luv it! he made me laugh out loud! (sorry lili). I'm sure that you love him like any mother would! Well done. Who knows what other wine soaked, free-form craft sessions will produce!

And I have quilt envy.

Penni said...

I love Mistake Bear. Not bad for a crocheting ocelot.

Adam said...

ah. he's beautiful. do you take commissions?