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01 June 2007

Lili's top 10 ways to procrastinate make proofreading fun

1. Eat chocolate.

2. Have a glass of wine.

3. Exfoliate, and apply face-mask.

4. Crochet.

5. Check if term "fired" (as in "you're fired") was used in 1814. (it wasn't. first recorded usage is in the US in 1885)

6. Deliberate on the various merits of the em dash () or the spaced en ( ).

7. Check what font my novel is set in. (Garamond Simoncini. Claude Garamond was a typesetter in the early 16th century, but this particular typeface was designed by a later bloke called Jean Jannon)

8. Check out today's lolcats, lolbots, lolprezs and lolpilgrims.

9. Make lolproofreedin:
10. Blog it.


lil said...

*kneels down before the mighty procrastinator*

you are a procrastinator GOD.

that is all.

ps. its a good thing.

Adam said...

spaced ens. no question.

ps. i'm in yr blogz, bustn up yr linkz