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06 June 2007

5 things to know about my novel

1. The first word is "The"

2. The last word is "story"

3. It is 375 pages long

4. It is, according to Ursula Dubsosarsky: For lovers of reality and romance, history and fantasy - a truly endearing book

5. It is FINISHED.


audrey said...

I salute thee, Lili Wilkinson, author, savant and breaker of men's hearts.


Tom said...

I hope you have a beer or two for yourself - must be a relief.

Emmaco said...

*cries with jealousy*

Congratulations, Lili! I can't wait to read it.

simmone said...

well done! go sleep!

Adam said...

nice one.

Kate C said...

Congratulations, Lili. Have a champy or three! Cheers!

Penni said...


Among Amid While said...

375 pages? You are a champignon! Love, Margo.

genevieve said...

Go, you good thing! Great news, Lili
(and a very nice rap from that esteemed author, too.)