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08 May 2008


Check out Short, a new anthology edited by me!

It's lots of stories, pictures and bits by some famous people*, some new people, and some young people.

I really love the format of the book - it's pretty much pocket-sized, and it has a flip book of a jumping dog in each page corner.

It's a bit strange having a book with my name on it, when I didn't write any of it (except the introduction), but the whole process of curating the book - selecting the pieces, working on them with the writers, organising them into some kind of coherent flow - was a really amazing learning experience.

Available at a good bookshop near you, etc. Oh, and all royalties go to Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

*including Penni Russon, Andy Griffiths, Tessa Duder, Steven Herrick, Julia Lawrinson and Simmone Howell. Just to name a few.


Penni said...

You did a brilliant job - the book's great - I love it and I'm glad I'm in it.

Andrew said...

I picked up a copy last weekend, and I'm really enjoying it. :)

jonathan said...

It looks like a great collection, and props to whoever did the design/format - it's really stands out on the shelf and looks intriguing.