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05 May 2008

Ready for my weekend

The last three days have been spent running around gossiping networking at the CBCA conference. I'm going to write a longer and more coherent post about it later this week, but for now, permit me some bullet points.
  • My fangirl moment was only tangentially related to Neil Gaiman. Standing at the Allen & Unwin stall, looking at Bruce Mutard's new graphic novel, a tall man looking over my shoulder. 'Eddie Campbell!' I say, and he looks quite surprised to be recognised. We chat about graphic novels and a possible new TV show that sounds fascinating.
  • Bernard Beckett is a great speaker and I can't wait to read Genesis.
  • I am horrified that this man is starring in the film of this book (which I just devoured) ERIC BANA IS NOT A LIBRARIAN.
  • There was a typo on a poster, proclaiming an "additive new series". Now with phenylalanine!
  • Why isn't my job title as awesome as Dr Mark Norman's, who is Senior Curator of Molluscs at Melbourne Museum??


Charm said...

I'd been avoiding all info about the TTW film! I read the book when it was first released and couldnt shake the image of Henry being played by Johnny Depp. I know... fangirl. but still. Its going to be hard to watch it with the cast as they are. I somehow think I'll like the 'movie in my mind' version better.

genevieve said...

Oh Lili. Couldn't he just act? It would be, it would be so nice...Frankly I think Eric can be anything he chooses to be.
Noah Taylor would be noice though.

Anonymous said...

Eric Bana is in a time-honoured Hollywood tradition: the fantasy librarian. Ladies, form a queue. (heh, heh)