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15 November 2006

Text Appeal

I found love in a book and now I'm looking for someone to share it with.

Looking for love this summer? Bring a favourite or recently read book to literary speed dating at the State Library of Victoria. As the wine and conversation flow you may begin your own chapter with that someone special.

Dec 6 2006, Jan 17 and Feb 14 2007
7 – 8.30pm
$20 per session (drinks included)
THREE people for the price of TWO
State Library of Victoria
328 Swanston Street

Bookings and registrations 8664 7555 or
Registation forms can be downloaded


Amanda said...

Oh my god - where was this when I was miserably single? Fabulous idea.

Emmaco said...

Wow, talk about pressure to pick the right book. Would you pick one that you could make insightful comments about, one that really represented you or one that you love so much you couldn't date anyone who made fun of it?

Anonymous said...

As someone who's actually tried speed dating for fun, this is a great idea! Much more likely to find someone you might actually want to see again. Great conversation starter too, rather than the awkward "Sooo, what do you do? Oh, you're an engineer? [pause] Uh, how - interesting..."

Penni said...

I want to be single so i can do it, it sounds like fun. Maybe I could have a passionate literary affair a la Possession.