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10 November 2006

I want Bradley Whitford to read to my children

And Sean Astin. And Elijah Wood. And Al Gore.

But mostly Bradley Whitford.


Pat Allan said...

Hah, I'm going to have to listen to that when I'm not at work.

On a Bradley Whitford tangent, have you watched any Studio 60?

lili said...

i've only seen the trailer. but looking forward to it...

Pat Allan said...

I've watched the first few episodes, and I love it.

I wouldn't wait for it to appear on tv here, though - it seems likely that it's going to be cancelled in the US. I recommend obtaining episodes by, erm, other means.

lili said...

god no, i never watch tv on tv any more.

i've got my... other means... on the case.

Christopher Miles said...

Re: his character in Studio 60, there's something vaguely creepy about those old person's reading glasses he wears... great show and a worthy successor to The West Wing... glad the recent week's hiatus was just that.

So what books does he read on that Storyline site? And does he occasionally yell "Donna!!!"

lili said...

he reads wilfred gordon mcdonald partridge, by mem fox. i'm 1/2 excited that it's an aussie book, and 1/2 irritated that it's a mem fox book.

but it's still incredibly endearing.

and no, he doesn't yell out "donna!"

but it would have been nice if he did.

(ohhh so sad there is no more west wing)