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04 November 2006

help: why men suck

(this post is not meant to be offensive to men. there are lots of nice men. but some of them suck.)

I need to give the reader more clues that the bad guy is bad.

So. What are the little things that a man could do that tells us He Is Not A Gentleman?


-buying himself an icecream and not asking if she wants one.
-laying his jacket over a wet park bench, but sitting on it himself, leaving her to get wet.
-when she complains about the above two points, he tells her she's just being over emotional.

More? Please?


Cassandra said...

Telling her, I want you, I need you, but there ain't no way I'm ever gonna love you but don't feel bad, 'cause two out of three ain't bad.
(And then following it up with the explanation that there is only one girl that he will ever love but that was so many years ago...)

Sponge Girl said...

Him not letting her meet him at his office.

Him getting occasional text messages - he reads, smiles (maybe even lets out a little laugh), and when she asks who it was he says "oh, just work stuff".

Him not liking children.

Him being rude to his mother.

Him answering his mobile in the middle of a nice dinner and continuing to have a loud, guffawing conversation with some guy called Angus.

Him finishing his sentences with "...,ladies (nudge,wink)"

lili said...

i was trying to explain to my dad why "ladies" is offensive.

he didn't get it.

it just is!

Anonymous said...

Being unable to accept that a woman's emotional state is not directly linked to 'that time of the month'.

Telling her to 'calm down'.

Assuming that all professionals are a 'he'.

I'm grinding my teeth here after that. Heheh. And it has nothing to do with PMS, damnit!

Justine Credible said...

I agree with lili. It's WRONG to say, "lady". It just sounds so superficial! And another note, MEN SUCK!