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23 November 2008

Thomas Henry Brain

I'd like you all to meet my great-great-grandfather, Thomas Henry Brain.

He lived around the corner from our family home in Clifton Hill, which is weird because neither of my parents even come from Victoria, let alone this area.

He was a brewer, and a travelling salesman. And a Freemason. From which we can infer that he liked drinking, secret handshakes, and cosplay.

Don't you think he looks like he's on his way to a sci-fi convention?


Snaz said...

Did the cosplay skip a few generations or do you come from a solid line of cosplayers?

Penni said...

Are they gauntlets? How debonair. You don't see that enough these days.

Susannah said...

Mr Brain - what an excellent name.

Did you ever play the Happy Families card game with the very creepy illustrations? Mr Brain the Brewer could be straight out of that.

james roy said...

I say, Brain, those are te'bly, te'bly spiffing side-levers you're wearing. I take it that every month is Movember in the Brain household (laughing: fa, fa, fa).

He does look like a retired Colonel from a Philip Reeve novel. Very steampunk.