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05 November 2008

Dear America: Yes You Did

So I've been following the US election pretty... obsessively. Like, REALLY obsessively.

And there are a few people who have been eyerolling me whenever I mention it. Because, after all, it isn't MY country. I didn't vote. It isn't MY president. Why should I care?

This is, of course, ridiculous.

I'm sick of people saying "they're all the same". I'm sick of people saying "one vote never made a difference". This is nonsense. Every vote makes a difference. And they are not the same.

I've got a lot more to say on this particular issue, but I'm very tired, so for now I'll just say - today was a good day to be alive. I'm off to bed with the knowledge that when I wake up tomorrow morning, the world will be a little bit better than it was this morning.


Laura said...

Obama and Sarah Palin are not the same.
Everyone (including America) knows which is better. ^_^

I think everyone in Australia should care about who's elected President. Because America are a powerful country and they can tell Australia what to do cos Australia and America are friends and stuff.

I don't know. I fail at politics.

LiteraryMinded said...

It's AWESOME. And of course US politics has an effect on the rest of us :-)

So proud of those Americans for getting out there and voting.


Jellyfish said...

Oh, surely no one has tried to rain on your parade?! Who are they? I shall firebomb them.

Great day - I was floating on Cloud 9 and nothing could bring me down. Not even converting decimals to fractions...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you were the same as me Lili. I couldn't get enough of the US election lead up. Fascinating, exciting, enormously confusing, bewildering (read Sarah Palin)and sort of like the best circus you ever saw. I was on a high on Wednesday. It really gives me hope for America who previously seemed to not know (or care) what was good for them.

Misrule said...

The man's not just a statesman and and a brilliant orator--he's a fantastic storyteller too! Thanks for posting this. Woo-hoo!

ClareSnow said...

i'm one of those eye-rollers :P

i know this isn't exactly fun, but do you read quarterly essay? (it took 2 months for me to get to the most recent issue - i had too many kids bks to read) the upcoming issue is about the US election

the onion is a little more succinct
>The job comes with such intense
>scrutiny and so certain a
>guarantee of failure that only
>one other person even bothered
>applying for it.