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30 November 2008

Barbie + Amy Pohler + Smart Girls = Awesome

I've always appreciated Barbie. 

Barbie is the kind of woman who says 'Hey, girls! You can be a surgeon or a sign language teacher or a UN Ambassador or an astronaught or a paleontologist. And wear a nice hat and pretty shoes.' Barbie had careers. Barbie ran for President in 2000, long before Hillary or Palin came on the political scene. Barbie was never defined by her male partners. And Barbie showed us that deformity can be beautiful too. We don't judge Barbie for her scary legs or her twisted pointy feet.
Barbie is equal opportunity. She has black and Hispanic friends, as well as a friend with cerebral palsy, who gets around in a pink wheelchair. She cares about the environment, and about children's rights.

In the current billion-dollar lawsuit of Barbie vs Bratz, I am 100% on Barbie's side.

And now, Barbie's latest campaign is for the smart girl. She's launched a web TV show with Amy Pohler (of SNL fame), called Smart Girls At The Party. It's basically a show that celebrates smart girls - girls who write, read, play music and think. I highly recommend.


amyj said...

I think Barbie was advocating girls becoming astronauts if they so wished, not astronaughts!

Love the blog anyway!

Andrew's black dog blog said...

I just hadn't seen the positive side of Barbie until now.

Anonymous said...

and to think I was never allowed to have a Barbie because she "gave girls the wrong message" (my mother's 1970s feminist view) - I could have been an astronaut now and not a librarian!

shezcrafti said...

Bratz are such whores. They need a good wholesome girl like Barbie to rub off on 'em.

I'd also like to add Princess to Barbie's resume. ^_~