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22 August 2008

Melbourne Writers Festival

I'm kind of in the process of writing something longer and more profound about this whole City of Literature thing, but suffice to say - ftw!

Anyway. Participate in the City of Literature by coming to see me at the Melbourne Writers Festival!

Featuring me:

Learn from Lili Wilkinson and Margo Lanagan, two experts from the blogosphere!

Join John Marsden, Margo Lanagan and Lili Wilkinson as they speak about the books they’ve loved over the years. 

Chaired by me:

Rachel Cohn and Simmone Howell discuss how they made their cities and suburbs come alive in their writing.

The books of both David Metzenthen and Elizabeth Fensham have mixed the past with the present to best tell their story. Find out how they do this and why in this engaging session.


Tom said...

Wow. A blogosphere expert! You'll be able to baffle them with technical wizardry and that crazy LOLcat talk all the kids are doing these days.

lili said...

You'd better believe it!

If they're SUPER GOOD i might even talk about RSS FEEDS.