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29 August 2008

Juicy Writing

We ran a writing workshop today at the Library with Brigid Lowry (most marvellous author of Juicy Writing and the PLA shortlisted Tomorrow Everything Will Be Beautiful), and It Was Good.

I joined in, and here is one of the pieces I scribbled out:

My shoe is made of leather and iron and eyelashes.
My shoe leaps skyscrapers in a single bound, and travels seven leagues in one step.
Every night, I wear my shoe out from dancing, and every morning it is born fresh and smelling of shoe polish.
My shoe taps against the ground, impatient.
It is red, silver, glass, frustration.
My shoe is as heavy as a breath, as light as an eyebrow raise.
It traps me under cold gemstones and lifts me up to dance on stars.
Is my shoe enjoying its freedom?
Or does it miss being one of a pair?


Kaitlyn Wilkinson said...

Hi. My name is Kaitlyn Wilkinson and I am turning 12 on the 18th of September. I am really inspired by everything you write Lili. I love your books. Especialy the Girlfriend Fiction Book. It was fabulous, i felt as if I was actually there and reality was just a mystery when I was reading the book.

lili said...

Hi Kaitlyn,

Thanks so much, and welcome! Always nice to meet a fellow Wilkinson...


Kaitlyn said...


Sorry for a late response. Yes i know. There arn't many Wilkinson's around the place :) but it's nice to see Wilkinso published on a book. Infact i think that's what made me pick up the book and say woah! I've gotta buy this book! i think i'll enjoy it. and i have to say.. i dont read very often but when i picked it up, i couldnt put it down

xx Kaitlyn