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02 November 2007

Why I Love the State Library

People often ask me what my favourite part of the State Library is. Sometimes I say the dome, or the Mirror of the World exhibition. But I'm lying.
My real favourite place in the Library is right next to my staff kitchenette. It's this:

I like to think of it as a rather profound and existential statement on the human condition.


Anonymous said...

Very funny. Obviously that sign means 'there are many ways to go but you'd be better off staying right where you are.'

Librarians are deep thinkers.

Anonymous said...

Lili, you're missing a huge opportunity. Here's what you do - you go to Bunnings and buy some of those little black decal letters in a nice, simple sans serif font. Then you make those arrows go anywhere you like. Central Interrogation Facility, BDSM Annex, The Sir Geoffrey Kennett Foundation for Pompous Gits, Telegraph Office, WAF Mess. Go on, it'll be fun! Use your imagination!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Padgett Powell's wonderful book "A Woman Named Drown", in which the main character finds an empty office in his uni faculty and puts the name "Fenster Ludge" on the door. A couple of memos from Fenster Ludge later, and suddenly people are blaming Ludge for mistakes, claiming he said this or that or something else, a bit like meeting Ern Malley at a cocktail party. So that's the other option - come up with a good name and create an apocryphal colleague. Oh, I'm jealous! I wish I had a blank sign.

lili said...

hah. All good ideas, James. But I think I'll leave it as it is. It speaks to the atheist in me - there is no up or down or sideways. Just here.