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28 November 2007


So I could tell you about the amazing off-Broadway play we went to last night, directed by Ethan Hawke. I could tell you about the awesome cast. Or I could tell you about the famous people who were mere seats away from us in the audience.

But I'm not going to.

Because tonight we went to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes. And it was made entirely of cheese, Christmas and Awesome. There were fireworks and midgets and children and camels (real camels) and ice-skating and toy soldiers and a whole bit where we put on 3D glasses to watch Santa fly his sleigh over New York. I cried with joy the whole way through - even the Jesus bit (but mostly because of the camels. also the donkey).


Anonymous said...

oh - the envy. sigh.

here's to more new york magic

all's well on the home front


Adam said...

you just reminded me of the thing I don't like to be reminded of too much, ie I am right now not in new york. now i am sad. but happy for you. at the same time as hating you. have fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lili! Claire and I are at work reading your blog. We are so very envious of you! So looking forward to seeing you on your return. Looking forward to bowling and drinking with you at the Fitzroy Bowls Club. Keep having fun girl! Love Indra and Claire

Scott said...

Why did you have to wear 3-D glasses. I mean, aren't people and camels and stuff ALREADY 3-D?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

(Sorry - link problems with the above post)

Lili, the Sydney Morning Herald has just today run a story about the Holden Caulfield tour of New York, where you go to the Rockefeller Centre, Central Park, Grand Central, Natural History Museum, and the the Metro Museum of Art. I thought of your adventures in NY when I read it.

Full story here: