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25 November 2007


So I had my first ever Thanksgiving on Thursday. So this is my list of what I'm giving thanks for:

1. THIS.
2. Maureen & co for making such an amazing feast.
3. Justine & Scott for introducing me to the aforementioned.
4. THIS.
5. Turkey.
6. Staying up til 5am New York time with S&J and Snazzle to read the words landslide, mauled, humiliated and crushing defeat.
7. Pumpkin pie.

Happy holidays, Australia. I am proud of you once more.


emmaco said...

I am so relieved! And happy! This is the first federal election where the person I voted for got in! (and even better there's hope in my old home seat of Dickson that prat Peter Dutton will be unseated! My cup overruns!)

Mike said...

And when they crossed to Maxine McKew to show her clebrations for gaining Bennelong--the roof lifted at our party! It still feels a bit unreal.