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27 August 2006

My favourite things about regional Victoria (week two of tour)

1. the Eaglehawk cinema. One aged town hall; one screen; twenty sofas; glass of wine; Tristram Shandy. Highly recommended.
2. vanilla slices in Ouyen
3. watching actor Robin literally climb the walls of Gilmore College
4. seeing a wedge-tailed eagle eating a dead kangaroo
5. having reason to say Boort and Manangatang over and over again.

(and not-so-favourite things about regional Victoria)
1. unheated school gyms at 8am
2. the prison-issue furniture and Unpleasent Smell at the Oyuen motel
3. realising in Murrayville that I could be at my grandma's house in Adelaide for lunch, but I wasn't getting back to Melbourne until after dinner.


Christopher Miles said...

Ah yes, the snot blocks in Ouyen are second to none.

Jellyfish said...

Re. favorite 3, funny, that's exactly the response I used to get when I had to visit Gilmore College - and more often than not it was what most of the students seemed to be doing, too.

Re. favorite 5 - 'Come along, Boort!' Oh, you were thinking it.

Re. UNfavorite 1 - Oh Lord, how I do sympathise! I recall my brief career as a theatre in education 'artiste' and the feel of ICE COLD LINO beneath my little bare feet at 7.45 am. AWFUL!