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28 August 2006


After reading John Green's fabulous An Abundance of Katherines, I started thinking about anagrams.

Wordsmith's anagram generator states: All the life's wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie.

So what do you get when you anagram my name? I thought about it. Maybe something involving ink or skill or owls. Or will or win or lions (or loins).

So I typed in my name, and was confronted with a big long list of gibberish. Some of the strings included the above words, but none that really made any sense. Oh, and there was this one:

kill oil sin win

sounds like the US government's foreign policy, ne?

But what does it say about me???


Jellyfish said...

That anagram generator is SO AWESOME. I got like, thousands, and they were all hilarious.

What about, "SILK ILL IN WINO." I thought that quite good. Something, barristers, something something, LOL.

And while we're on the topic, how do you like The Age misspelling your goddamn name?! I hope you sent them a strident email.

lili said...

Meh, it's The Age. They misspelled 'Thursday' in Really Big Letters in the Green Guide last week...

rjurikdavidson said...

so here's a question: does the generator come up with all possible anagrams? how do we know? of course, i had to go and check my name too.


AC said...

There will be something meaningful to your name. An anagram is just a combination of words. Have fun with an anagrammer But, dont take it seriously. :)

AC said...
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