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05 June 2009

Reading Matters

Apologies for the hiatus - in the last month I've delivered the Reading Matters conference, sent a book to press (!), am three weeks away from sending ANOTHER book to press (!!), and been struck down with a nasty (but swine-free) cold.

I will placate you with two things. First, a quote from Bernard Beckett at Reading Matters, when asked what his advice for aspiring writers would be:

Be alive to the absurdity of the world.

(Bernard also might have said something about how he would love to read a cross between Huck Finn and Twilight, and the words "drown the bitch" may have been mentioned, but perhaps I misheard.)

Second! Here is the final cover of Pink, complete with blurb and quotes from John Green and Simmone Howell! (click to make view fullsize)

Later this month, more news on the NEXT book, some other stuff I've been doing and a post about My Favourite Artist.


Penni said...

Looks great and excellent blurbage.

Misrule said...

Acksherlly, Lili, someone in the audience on the Thursday Youth Day asked the panel which book they wished they'd written. Mr Green said it was a cross between Huck Finn and Twilight, at which point your humble correspondent Lost the Plot and cackled like a crone from the back row of the Storey Hall. Bernard B then chimed in with his crack about setting Bella on a raft and, as you say, letting the bitch drown... at least, that's my story and I'm ticking to it.

Misrule said...

Tick tick tick tick tick... This is Sticksty Minutes!

james roy said...

I knew it was pink, but BLOODY HELL! That is PINK! Love it. Fantastic cover. Can't see too many boys reading it, however...

simmone said...

hooray! the pants are back!

emma said...

Hi Lili, as a YA bookseller in Melbourne I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of PINK a couple of months ago. I absolutely loved it and started hand-selling it before we even had it in hand! It is now selling well with a glowing shelf review (by me). I also loved Not Quite Perfect Boyfriend and look forward to reading Angel Fish soon.
Congrats and I adore the cover.