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22 January 2009

Happiness Engines

I'm in Sydney at the ALIA Info Online conference, listening to lots of papers about the role of libraries and technology and how those roles are changing.

On of the presenters, Liz Lawley, talked about libraries as Happiness Engines. Apparently there are four elements of happiness:

1. Satisfying work to do
2. The experience of being good at something
3. Time spent with people we like
4. The chance to be part of something bigger than yourself.

I really like that list. I like that it has nothing to do with money, or status, or owning things. And I like that I can tick every box.

The other thing I really liked about Liz's presentation was the idea of doing Wii bowling for seniors at public libraries. And organising live tournaments online between different libraries. Unreal.


Andrew said...

Oh, I like that.

(It's also perfect to help support part of what I'm writing about in my paper that I'm presenting in March.)

It reminds me of when Dr Michael Stephens says that The library encourages the heart.

So simple, yet so easy for people to forget.

james roy said...

I like that list, Lili. Not that long ago, when I was doing far too much work in emergency departments, No.1 was very occasionally true, No.2 was mostly true, No.3 varied on a daily basis, depending on who I was rostered on with, and No.4 was possible, but often held back by ridiculous public health bureaucracy. But a writer, I feel I can tick 'em all off.