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22 October 2008

Spring Things

The splendiferous Brigid Lowry is in The Residence over at insideadog, and is encouraging a creative spring clean. And lists! I love lists.

Things That Would Make Me Happy
  • a night at home eating chili and watching the West Wing
  • a title for my crusades book
  • an Obama presidency
  • about 700 years to catch up on reading
  • for Margo Lanagan's Tender Morsels to never end
  • making all my Christmas presents this year

Things I am Prepared to do Without
  • Australian Idol
  • for that matter, television-on-television (DVDs is different)
  • alcohol on weeknights
  • books about dead girls in country towns
  • the twelve political blogs I'm currently reading (i could prolly cut it down to eight)
Relax, Trust, Surrender.


Andrew said...

I'm halfway through Tender Morsels at the moment, and I'm very much loving it.

It's something to savour.

Fiona Mackie said...

You're so lucky to have Brigid with you - she's an absolute darling! And her books are wonderful too.

simmone said...

yay brigid! and I challenge you to make a knitted nativity set as wonky as mine! Faceless sheep! Limbless baby jesus! flexible staffs for all the wise men!

Laura said...

Go Obama.
I'd vote for him 'cept I'm an Aussie.

Yeah, I hate Australian Idol too.
I want Channel Ten to put on some Simpsons repeats instead of Australian Idol.

I went to a primary school fete last weekend.
LOL, mine was St Pauls Fete. I used to go to primary school there. ^_^

LiteraryMinded said...

700 years to catch up on reading. *bliss*

Andrew's black dog blog said...

That title would be nice! Are titles like endings - elusive?