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06 October 2008

Overheard in a Taxi

The Scene: Four authors pile in to a taxi outside a suburban Launceston school. Lili, Penni and Kirsty squeeze into the back. James is in the front.

Taxi Driver: Are youseall teachers, then?
James: No, we're authors.
Taxi Driver: You're what?
James: Authors. We write books for teenagers.
Taxi Driver: *suspicious* Fair enough, then.

The conversation drifts towards issues of intellectual property (does anyone every try to pinch your ideas?) and the Fifth Beatle. James makes a comment about being able to look stuff up on Google.

Taxi Driver: What's a Google?
James: *blinks* Google. The search engine.
Taxi Driver: Sorry, mate.
James: The internet?
Taxi Driver: Never used a computer. Is it like Windows?
James: *stunned silence*

There is a Pause, while we all look out the window and contemplate being in the presence of a true Digital Virgin.

Taxi Driver: Kids' books, eh? Like Harry Potter? Have youse been on TV?



Jessica said...


Totally awesome Lili. Just awesome.

Only in Tassie (says the Victorian).

Aidan said...

He fails at life.

Seriously, how could you NOT know what Google is?

Also, Harry Potter? Your books are like... If Harry Potter was gay, female, funny, insecure and Australian. As well as less pathetic.


Anonymous said...

The Internet is an elite organisation; most of the population of the world has never even made a phone call.- Noam Chomsky

Does it make you feel good to diminish the intellect of a cab driver for not meeting your standards?

lili said...

Hi Anonymous...

I was going to respond to your comment here, but I had too much to say, so you can find it now as a whole post of its own...