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29 July 2008

Kennett: appalling

So a trainer at the Bonnie Doon Football Club was fired because he came out as being bisexual.


Then, ex-Premier, wannabe-Mayor and head of Beyond Blue, Jeff Kennett said that was a good thing. Because having a bisexual work as a football coach was like having a pedophile working as a masseur at the club.

I'm sorry? Let's have that again:

It was like having a pedophile working as a masseur at the club.

You'd be forgiven for not knowing this, given that it was reported quietly in the Herald Sun, but not in The Age or The Australian at all.

If the head of an organisation that helps people struggling with depression publically claims that bisexuality and pedophilia are the same thing, then there is something seriously wrong with the world.

He needs to resign. And forget about being Mayor. Give John So the job for life.


Tom said...

You know, I'd been mellowing towards Jeffrey over the last few years. He's now (to my shame) the President of my beloved football club, he's done good work with sad people and he's shown himself to be a surprisingly intelligent person. But this just reminds me of his days of being Premier and what a prick the man really is.

It never fails to astound me the way educated, ocassionally thoughtful people can still think like this, let alone say something so horrendous in public.

You're right. He needs to fade silently into retirement. For good.

Penni said...

Throw water on him and see if he melts. What an appalling thing to say.

Jessica said...

I cannot agree more with your post and the above comments. How disgusting.

Argh! I feel so mad now! Off to find the best email address for Jeff that I can to tell him exactly what I think of him.

LiteraryMinded said...

Incredible! I can't believe there wasn't more furore over it in the media too. I'm appalled and astounded that anyone would say something like that, let alone a public figure - or that anyone would still get fired for their sexuality. Isn't that discrimination?