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23 January 2008

Lili at the Gym

So I'm doing my sumo squats (VERY flattering, let me assure you), sweating, and listening to my iPod. The thing that I'm listening to makes me laugh, and the middle-aged woman doing lat pulldowns nearby glares at me with a 'oh the young people today and their gizmos, never get to play outside with the other children, shutting themselves off from the world with their LONG HAIR listening to these BEATLES and it's not even SPELT right DEATH OF CIVILISED SOCIETY' kind of face.

My question is: would she have been more or less disapproving if she'd known I was listening to the audiobook of Christopher Hitchens' God is Not Great?*

*interspersed with high energy, low quality numbers like Avril's Girlfriend.


genevieve said...

Lili, you're terrible...I was watching Mrs Winterbourne on the crosstrainer today, wondering why Brendan Fraser and Shirley Maclaine were in it.

Anonymous said...

Is the Hitchens book good? I recently finished The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, and immediately flipped back to the front and started again. I must have a lot of indoctrination to unravel...

lili said...

He's not as warm and fuzzy as Dawkins - but there's a lot of interesting stuff in there. I'm finding it very interesting, but not life-changing the way the God Delusion was.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Yes, she seems the type to be very offended by such a book.

I have that exact same problem! I listen to audio books on my iPod more often than music, and I almost always leave one ear bud out so that I can still be accessible, but I still feel like people think that I'm shutting them out. They should see me when I actually read, then!