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30 January 2008

Inky in the flesh... or at least in the plush

Look at who arrived on my desk at work today!

It's my very own Inky Mascot. Even his newspaper skin is made from dog-related newspaper articles!

Many thanks to Rochelle and her crafty madskills for brightening up my Wednesday.


tjoyy said...

hello there
isn't she a gem - I was lucky enough to see her start cutting out the material - great to see the finished doggie
Chell's sister Tam

Hannercymraes said...

Hi Lili. I like your blog. I have just finished reading Scatterheart, and loved it. Congrtalualtions on writing a wonderful book.

I found it particularly interesting because I am writing a novel myself(an emigration novel) that is set entirely on board a ship. LOL, I found myself comparing nautical notes.

My novel is about a girl and stories too. Except my storyteller is Welsh.

Anyway, maybe I will see you around. I work as Youth Librarian and saw you at the last Reading Matter Conference. I was coveting your red boots (Hope I have the right person?) Hwyl. Liz

Anonymous said...

That's so cute!

Ron said...

I absolutely adore it!