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22 September 2007

Pros and Cons

Pro: singing karaoke with my peeps til the wee hours of the morning.

Con: my head today which is ouch.

Con: getting out of bed.

Pro: doughuts.

Con: going to the office on a Saturday.

Pro: (from The Age) "Apart from Ruth Park's Playing Beatie Bow, there are few stand-out young adult books with an Australian history background. Scatterheart is a notable exception."

Now it is time for a nap.


Penni said...

My whole family slept the night at Kate C's on Friday so we both had a good gander at your review together and were both Very Impressed. Well done! And hooray!

Ann Darnton said...

I'd forgotten about 'Playing Beatie Bow' until I read this post. The trouble with having being reading children's literature for the whole of my 57 years is that sometimes you just can't keep it all in the front of your mind all of the time. I must go back and enjoy it all over again.