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27 August 2007

Making a difference

Watch this if you're a teacher. No, watch it if you think that being a teacher is a soft option. Just watch it.


Penni said...

I've seen this before but he still got a standing ovation at the end. I think I might have to put it on Eglantine's Cake too.

Andrew said...


However, to play Devil's advocate for a moment, for every common misconception about a given profession, there's always an element of truth. I mean, I'm passionate about being a librarian, and when I have to deal with ignorant attitudes to my profession, yes, I get angry, but I can understand where they're coming from.
And whilst I've had inspiring, life-changing teachers, but I've also had really really lousy ones who just would just steamroll kids through the curriculum and give them a pass/fail, who are examples of people who "can't do, so they teach", and really *don't* make a difference.

And unfortunately, their students will see this video, and say "My teacher was crap, and this guy's full of himself."

audrey said...

I thought is was fucking amazing. I want to kiss him on the lips. The next best thing though is showing all my teacher friends.

Adam said...

I saw him do this live in NYC in 2000. The crowd frickin' sang along - they knew all the words.

Do you know his other poem, 'Like Lili Like Wilson'? Similar theme.

Doesn't hurt that he's a goddamn spunkrat, does it?

Jellyfish said...

Who the hell is this god-like figure and why hasn't he asked me out?

Lilo thanks so much for this! God, that bit about not letting them go to the toilet - I practically screamed! And calling the parents at dinner time, saying 'Have I called at a bad time...?' I think i've done it four times already this year!

Sean said...

Oh, boo yeah.