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13 July 2006

Three reasons to love Margo Lanagan

1. she is a truly awesome writer. If you haven't read Black Juice, then go and do so immediately. It's amazing in so many different ways. Trust me. (and for those of you who already love her, I have her new collection, Red Spikes, sitting here on my desk in manuscript form, so ner-ner).

2. she is an excellent and interesting blogger, as was evidenced on insideadog.

3. she says lovely things about me and Joan on her blog.


Among Amid While said...

Aw, you... :)

And I just realised you have one of my favourite Kay Nielsons (Nielsens?) on your banner. Not quite ENOUGH of it, mind...

Enjoy the little red book - and may I pinch Jehanne's YELLOW TONGUE for the yellow collection title? Bwaha!

lili said...

The entire Nielsen is on my desktop, and framed on my wall. It is the inspiration for The Novel.

I like Yellow Tongue. A bit gross, but evocative. Nice links with Chinese Herbal Medicine.