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11 April 2010

Looking for a girl who can make her own clogs?

Among the awesome loot I got for my birthday, there was this book:
I am curled up on the couch with endless cups of tea today, learning how to guddle (or tickle) trout, skin a rabbit, make cider, sweep a chimney, lay out a hedge maze, make a weathercock, right a wheel, craft a Welsh love spoon and paint a canal boat.

Is it wrong that now I'm actually kind of looking forward to the apocalypse? So I can wow everyone with my ability to work scrimshaw and make my own besom broom?

1 comment:

ClareSnow said...

ooh, i want to lay out a hedge maze! Does it tell you what to do when the plants in the hedge cark it? i have this problem with a straight hedge, i can only imagine the carnage with a whole maze :(