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01 December 2009

NaNoWriMo - finished


So I finished NaNoWriMo, with only two crying tantrums (thanks to friends and loved ones for hugs and patience) and most of my sanity intact. November is a hard time of year, particularly in Australia, when things are warming up and everyone is racing towards the end of term. I had about a zillion other things to do this month, and they all (more or less) got done.

I'm pretty happy with my 50 077 words. I mean, they're all rubbish, but it's a rubbish first draft that I think I can probably wrangle into something a bit better. First job though, is to stick it in a drawer for a couple of months and GET MY CHEER ON.


Jade said...

I successfully completed my first NaNo too! Except for the fact that my story went AWOL at the 37k point and I had to delete 13k and am now on 45k again. I still wrote 50k...that's the main thing, right?

Cindy said...

Good work Lili! You and my dad were neck and neck with your word counts the whole time and it was thoroughly entertaining watching the race.

As for my, ahem, 17k, I feel like a winner too, what with constant toddler sabotage. Maybe I should have given up fighting her off and let her add to my word count though...