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01 April 2009


Is it not EPIC WIN!??


Laura said...

AWESOME. ^_____^

When's the book coming out?

mindlessmunkey said...

That's a seriously great cover.


Penni said...

omfg is it CALLED Pink??? What's the word for when something is made out of something so awesome that it makes awesome look like hacked up furballs?

I love its guts out.

lili said...

Laura: It comes out in August.

Munkey: Thanks!

Penni: LOL.

Penni said...

August? But that's totally forever away.

Adele said...

It's a Barbie Dream House Explosion of Awesomeness. Can't wait til August!

Lucinda said...

That looks fantastic. And it's called Pink. It's my favourite book already.


What Kate did next ... said...

LOVE it! (except the creepy cockroach silhouette in the middle)

Janie said...

Oh when can we have a blurb?

genevieve said...

I love all the things on the cover, as well as the colour. Marvellous, just marvellous.

Aidan said...

Holy f-ing cheez!

Send to Japan?

*bats eyelashes*

I'll pay you in Japanese yen!


Anonymous said...

I love it! Bruno is GENIUS!

Justine L