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14 September 2008

Ten Things Which I Heart

  1. SPRING.
  2. Muppets.
  3. People who pack out ACMI cinemas to watch Muppets.
  4. Especially the guy who gasped in horror in The Dark Crystal when [a spoilery thing happened near the end].
  5. Text messages.
  6. Brownies.
  7. The Spensley Street kids who recognised me on the street the other day.
  8. Spensley Street kids in general.
  9. Babies who can roll over.
  10. Skype.


genevieve said...

...especially babies who have just learned to roll over and find themselves under a chair, legs waving madly.

pat said...

So wishing I was in town to catch the Muppets event... and it's been far too long since I saw The Dark Crystal.