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28 June 2008


Isn't it nice the way International Telecommunications Corporations make you feel loved?

I got a letter in the mail from Optus yesterday. It says, in very big letters:

We're making your bill a little clearer

Oh good! Thinks me. How nice!

Then I read the rest.

This is how Optus are making my bill clearer:
  1. My 8-digit customer account number is now 14-digits.
  2. The heading "Usage Summary" is now the "Service Level Summary".
  3. The heading "Plan Options" is now "Discounts".
  4. All the BPAY codes have changed.
This is all.


1 comment:

Georg said...

I have run out of words to describe how much I detest big telcos. I have got the point of not being polite when the Testra people ask me why I don't want their s***ty country broadband access that costs a bomb. I tells them the truth. You charge to much and the service is rubbish.


But yes, the 'we've made it simpler!' ruse is a favourite of the banks too. "Instead of charging you per use we'll charge you an easy, flat monthly fee (that is twice as much as you used to pay)"!