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09 February 2008

Santos for President!

Er, I mean Obama. Are they actually different people?

There's been much Debate amongst the troops about whether we like Santos Obama or Hillary better. And I know there must be many Americans who are also struggling with this decision. So, for all of the THOUSANDS of Americans that I know read this blog, here is my helpful guide:

Candidates as gaming consoles (Hillary is the well-funded and experienced Xbox 360, Santos Obama: "Yes Wii Can!")

Candidates as D&D characters.

Candidates as Muppets (thanks, Snazzy!)


This is a really useful website that has a QUIZ to match your priorities against the candidates'. Environment and Education make me squarely on the Santos Obama train.


K8 said...

Apparently I support someone called Mike Gravel. Never heard of him! And Hillary and Barack tied for second place, so THAT didn't help.

lili said...

If the people i know were a nation unto ourselves, Mike Gravel would be our President.

Penni said...

Yep, I'm Mike Gravel too. Who is he? He's clearly fabulous.