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31 July 2007

Scatterheart in the wild

I have just received a missive from the delightful Simmone Howell telling me that Scatterheart has been sighted in the wild! (in Readings, to be precise).

Hurrah! I declare this to be Scatterheart Release Week, and tomorrow I will blog in more detail and maybe even think of a Competition.


Penni said...

Oh BUGGER and BOTHERATION, I was on Lygon Street tonight. I knew I should have given in to my wild urge to bookbrowse.

Hooray. Congratulations. Can't wait to bag one.

Jellyfish said...


*dance of joy*

Librarian Idol said...

It's also available through our vendor, but that's no guarantee that it'll arrive any time this century if *cough* I mean when when we order it. :)

lili said...

when you order them. you'll need several.

Librarian Idol said...

mmm-hmm... I guess that, considering we currently have about fifteen copies of HP7 (and rising), we could possibly justify more than one copy.

Besides, it's up to our *mumble-mumble* children's librarian. We'll see.