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13 September 2006

London: Like/Don't Like

I like... the way that the train conductor tells you exactly why you aren't moving.
I don't like... the way he tells you it's because there is someone underneath the train.

I like... the way barmen kick very drunk men out of pubs.
I don't like... the way the very drunk man "accidentally" groped me. (casing him to get thrown out of said pub)

I like... that it's not raining.
I don't like... the fact that it's 30 degrees and I only brought three tshirts. Who knows where to buy cool tshirts in London?

I like... the view from the top of St Paul's.
I don't like... the way my legs no longer work after climbing to the top.

I like... having a semi-spiritual moment in front of Randolph Caldecott's memorial in a crypt.
I don't like... being looked at funny for crying over some dead children's literature illustrator.

I like... the St Paul's audio tour. Highly recommended.
I don't like... the Globe guided tour. Ripoff.

1 comment:

Emmaco said...

Glad to hear you arrived safely and are having an interesting time. Even if I am now insanely jealous and wishing that my computer would suck me into it and transport me to St Pauls.