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29 April 2006


I have a blog now. so there. you can all stop asking. (when i say 'all', i am referring to the entire two people who have both told me i should have a blog. but in my defense, they have both said it more than once)

yesterday, something a bit cool happened. and the something cool is this:

my book was launched.

launched, to a cheering, stamping, applauding, whistling, fainting, screaming crowd.

actually it was launched by James Moloney in front of 200 or so mildly enthusiastic teacher-librarians. which is, in my opinion, better than the screaming crowd. there is nothing that an author for young people likes more than a captive crowd of teacher-librarians. bless them.

however, i would like to assure everyone out there (particularly Naomi Wolf) that my book is full of moral fibre. it is NON FICTION (mostly). about HISTORY. none of this namby-pamby novel business. because you know what they say about novels:

The free access which many young people have to romances, novels, and plays has poisoned the mind and corrupted the morals of many a promising youth; and prevented others from improving their minds in useful knowledge. Parents take care to feed their children with wholesome diet; and yet how unconcerned about the provision for the mind, whether they are furnished with salutary food, or with trash, chaff, or poison?
- Reverend Enos Hitchcock, Memoirs of the Bloomsgrove Family, 1790 (from wired)

anyway. i should stop procrastinating and go back to writing my... ahem. yes. well.


Justine Larbalestier said...

As one of the people pestering you to blog, colour me very very very very happy! Welcome, Lili!

Now, here is my first request: Please write a disquisition on the virtues of pink books.

Congratulations on the launch of your very first book!! Woo hoo!! Can't wait to read it!!

Little Willow said...

Congratulations! May your book do well. Is it available in the US yet?

lili said...

justine: it's in the making... stay tuned.

little willow: thanks! no, not available in the US yet. not sure if it will be, because it's non-fiction. but i have hopes for the novel...

audrey said...

How long did it take to write? I'm so jealous that you can legitimately call yourself an author. Man, my life sucks.

lili said...

it took about a year to write, but i work full time as well.

and seriously, if i can do it: anyone can.

(i may do a proper post about that later on...)

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