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19 April 2008

When Craft and Song Collide...

Don't ever let it be said that craft isn't awesome. If Architecture in Helsinki AND Tricot Machine are doing it, it's cool.

Architecture in Helsinki - Like It Or Not from helsinkids on Vimeo.

Tricot Machine - Les Peaux de Lievres

17 April 2008

We used to DREAM of living in a corridor!

In honour of it being the Melbourne Comedy Festival, I present: The Evolution of a Skit.

Remember the Four Yorkshiremen skit from Monty Python? Well it turns out it wasn't originally a Python Skit. The first version was on the At Last the 1948 Show, and featured John Cleese, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Marty Feldman and Graham Chapman.

The Pythons did it some years later, and it's pretty much the same. Here's a live version:

And then finally, here's a more recent live version, with Eddie Izzard, Harry Enfield, Vic Reeves and Alan Rickman. They updated it a bit, but it is still full of lolsome goodness.

13 April 2008

White Raven

Scatterheart has been selected as a White Raven book.

The International Youth Library in Germany selects 250 books from all over the world each year that they think 'deserve worldwide attention because of their universal themes and/or their exceptional and often innovative artistic and literary style and design'.

The list is called the White Raven catalogue.

11 April 2008

Friday Things

My favourite book cover of the week:

My favourite headline of the week: Man charged after teen bashed with hedgehog.

My favourite cheezburger of the week:

And here's an old favourite, with a twist.

08 April 2008

Come and see me!

I'll be at the Coburg Library on Thursday evening, talking about Me and My Books and My Job. I might even read from one of my New Books...

7pm, Thursday 10 April
Coburg Library
Cnr Victoria and Louisa Streets

To book, call 9353 4000

07 April 2008

Trust Me

Oh look! It's a new anthology, featuring a creepy story by me!

Trust Me is published by Ford Street Press and edited by Paul Collins, and features such luminaries as Shaun Tan, Gary Crew, James Roy and David Metzenthen. It has an introduction by Isobelle Carmody, and can be found in the normal places where you find books.

The super-keen should come along to the launch, which will be at the State Library of Victoria Theatrette on Thursday April 10, at 4pm.

PS. I'm older! w00t!

06 April 2008

Adelaide: City of Horror

My grandparents have guests, so Mum and I are staying in the house next door. It’s empty, because the Italian couple who used to live there died over two years ago. But the house is still full of all their furniture and clothes* and toothbrushes**. And crucifixes. LOTS of crucifixes***. Crucifixes and lots of fancy ornate furniture and a gold satin bedspread****.

Above the ornate bed and the gold satin bedspread, there’s a light-up picture of Jesus looking miserable.

I feel like I’m in the first scene of a horror film. I’m about to go and have a shower, and I know I’m going to come out, wearing a towel, and I’ll walk down the hall and it will be colder than I remembered. And I’ll open the door to the bedroom, and Mum will be lying on the bed, but she’ll be all wrinkled and grey and sunken, like she’s been dead for a hundred years.

I’ll scream (and, depending on what kind of horror film it is, my towel might fall down). Then sunken-dead Mum will open her eyes and draw a ragged, gasping breath...

*dead-people clothes!

**dead-people toothbrushes!

***crucifixes? Should it be crucifices?

****PLEASE TELL ME somebody washed the sheets after they died.

03 April 2008

Friday links

My oldest friend Jellyfish (who is now, thanks to the Powers of Awesome, my next-door neighbour) has requested that I post more entertaining internetty things on this blog so she doesn't have to trawl through all the dancing-hamster guff.

Jelly, this is for you.

(via Meg Cabot)

02 April 2008

5 songs that don't work in Australia anymore

I Can't Stand the Rain

Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

Nothing Stops the Rain

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Rainy Days and Mondays

01 April 2008